Innovative Learning Technology Group: Gaining momentum

ILTAG presentation

A few years ago, the Chief Scientist of Australia, Professor Ian Chubb tasked the Australian Council of Learned Academies to consider which technologies were the most promising for Australia to pursue. Leading academics from the humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering and technology disciplines responded with a narrative that described a way of thinking and […]

Celebrating and Sharing Quality Teaching and Learning at UNE


A colloquium:¬†Celebrating and Sharing Quality Teaching and Learning at UNE will be held on campus during the week 16-20 November.¬†This is a University event focused on the quality teaching and learning that happens across UNE. The colloquium will include a range of sessions such as keynote speakers, panel discussions, workshops and interactive displays.¬†Further information, including […]

Introducing the Innovative Learning Technology Advisory Group

ceo meeting

The hype around innovation – particularly learning innovation in the form of technology – has been around for some time. Despite this and despite the considerable research undertaken on distributed leadership and change management in universities, we still struggle to identify the technologies of best value to our students and use the tactics that ensure […]