I’m pleased to announce the release of Quality Teaching@UNE. We are still collecting feedback and making minor changes, but we invite interested staff to self-enrol and begin engaging with the modules.

In 2015, the decision was made to better integrate our online approach to academic teaching and learning support and development. Quality Teaching@UNE:

  • is structured around and informed by the draft UNE Principles of Quality Teaching;
  • takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours to progress through each module,
  • is wholly online and un-moderated. The modules are designed with mobile devices in mind and contain activities and media suitable for those ‘in-between’ moments of working life;
  • provides multiple pathways of engagement: (i) modules can be used as a follow up for Peer Review of Teaching outcomes, (ii) progressing through all modules is suitable for academic probation requirements, or (iii) self-selecting modules and content areas on the basis of interest or alignment with PPDR actions, SoTL, HEA or OLT Teaching award applications or academic promotion;
  • enables a record of engagement via micro-credentialing and a portfolio of recorded reflections and action plans.

Over the coming months, Quality Teaching@UNE will be integrated with our other teaching support resources, such as Teaching Online at UNE and other school-based resources and websites. In the meantime, please feel free to provide feedback or suggestions directly to director-tals@une.edu.au. Many thanks to the TaLS design and development team (Subject Matter Expert: Dr Tanya Hathaway, LX Designers: Patricia Donald, Raphael Roberts and Daniel Scott) and special thanks to Sarah Thorneycroft and Steve Carruthers for their contribution to the initial concept and design.

Greg Winslett

Director, Teaching and Learning Support