OpenBadges pilot at UNE

OpenBadges logo

After upgrading Moodle to 2.7 in October 2014, Open Badges have become available to UNE to use. Open Badges is an open, standardised platform for issuing digital badges (small graphics with accompanying metadata) as credentials. Badges can be aggregated from any institution by a user into their personal portfolio (“backpack”). They provide an efficient, transparent and flexible way for individuals to track credentials, skills and achievements, and display them to relevant entities.

The term ‘microcredentialling’ goes hand in hand with the use of badges, and refers to the credentialling of activities and skills on a smaller level than the AQF. Traditionally this type of credential is covered by ad hoc certificates, or not recognised at all. Microcredentialling via badges provide a digitised, standardised and durable way to offer a record of achievement that is not tied to a particular administrative system or institution.

In Tri 1 2015 TaLS is facilitating a small-scale pilot of badges in teaching, learning, research and professional development. This pilot will help inform strategies for university-wide implementation of badges later in the year. For more information on the pilot or on OpenBadges in general, please contact Sarah Thorneycroft (x3996, sthorne5).