Introducing the Innovative Learning Technology Advisory Group

The hype around innovation – particularly learning innovation in the form of technology – has been around for some time. Despite this and despite the considerable research undertaken on distributed leadership and change management in universities, we still struggle to identify the technologies of best value to our students and use the tactics that ensure they are adopted and supported. Part of the challenge is resourcing – selecting, implementing and sustaining these technologies can be expensive and time-consuming. Perhaps a bigger challenge is cultural – how we hear and sift through the many different perspectives and aspirations that relate to adoption of new technologies for learning.

The Innovative Learning Technology Advisory Group has been formed to tackle these challenges and to help refresh UNE’s approach to decision-making in this area. Working closely with School-based Educational Developers, course teaching teams, individual academic staff and other UNE service providers, ILTAG will advise the University teaching and Learning Committee on opportunities for UNE to extend its capabilities to provide contemporary learning experiences for all students in a manner that is suitable for each discipline’s pedagogical approaches. This is a fresh approach to learning technologies at UNE and we invite all levels of the university to participate in the process. For more information contact Dr Greg Winslett.