Quality Teaching @ UNE

I’m pleased to announce the release of Quality Teaching@UNE. We are still collecting feedback and making minor changes, but we invite interested staff to self-enrol and begin engaging with the modules. In 2015, the decision was made to better integrate our online approach to academic teaching and learning support and development. Quality Teaching@UNE: is structured around and […]

Introducing ‘The Community’

Community site

This week the Learning Design/ Support community ‘launched’ a new, collaborative online space. As noted in the site’s description: The Community is a collective space for learning design, development and media staff to post examples of good practice, news, reviews and events to share with the University. The site already has a range of posts which promote UNE teaching […]

The Future of STEM Education at Universities: What Will Teaching and Learning Look Like?

Image: "What is the future of STEM education in" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by  opensourceway

Date: 10th May 2016 12:00pm-2:00pm Location: Natural Resources Lecture Theatre EM1 (W55) Contact: Dr Erica Smith  erica.smith@une.edu.au 02 6773 5130 Announcing the next in our series of events around building a strong community of practice in teaching and learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). We are very lucky to have two guest speakers – […]

UNE Teaching Innovations Showcase


The UNE Teaching Innovations Showcase will be held from 12-1pm on Thursday, 14 July in the Paul Barratt Lecture Theatre. The event, sponsored by the BCSS Innovative Teaching Research Group, TALS, and the UNE Education Scholars, will feature three OLT citation/award winning UNE academics briefly describing and showing innovative teaching practices: Leo Bayerlein, Sascha Morrell, […]

Innovative Learning Technology Group: Gaining momentum

ILTAG presentation

A few years ago, the Chief Scientist of Australia, Professor Ian Chubb tasked the Australian Council of Learned Academies to consider which technologies were the most promising for Australia to pursue. Leading academics from the humanities, social sciences, sciences and engineering and technology disciplines responded with a narrative that described a way of thinking and […]